Costs and benefits. 

What is an e-commerce service allowed to cost these days?

A service should only cost the equivalent of the value it brings you.

That's why every one of our experts will always encourage you to test our products and services completely free of charge. When you're convinced of their value, we'll be happy to forward you a quote for our future partnership.

Only then does it make sense for us to do business together. That's our promise to you.

We'll provide you with real flat rate depending on your needs, so there is no doubt about your final costs.

If you increase your sales per month you will not be graded to a higher rate. Your costs remain constant.
No strings attached.

All fees are per month in USD staggered as the following:

units ordered per month 1 month contract 6 months contract 1 year contract BBC slots included Savings with Annual Contract

per month

per month

per month

per month

per year

from 0 to 200






from 201 to 1500






from 1501 to 3000






from 3001 to 5000






from 5001 to 8000






more than 8000

on request

on request

on request

on request

You can find the complete price list for the Amazon price-optimization as a PDF Download here.

Change made easy.

If you already have a contract with another provider and are looking for a reliable solution,
we'll gladly cover your monthly fees and help you terminate your contract as quickly as possible.

Simply contact us.

Your trial. No contract. No risk.
Are you interested in a free Amazon or eBay trial account? Just contact us and we will get back to you within 30 minutes.

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